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How making compost could help fix our trash problem
Connecticut Public
Ryan Caron King

Apr 20th 2022

Mira Trash.jpg

What are we going to do with all of our trash?

Connecticut Magazine

David Holahan

March 29, 2022


Peels and Wheels

New Haven Independent

Mahir RAHMAN June 27th 2017

PW system 4.jpg

’Post Men

Daily Nutmeg

Sorrel Westbrook May 16th 2017

Enriching New Haven with Compost.jpg

Enriching New Haven with Compost

Pirie Associates

Marisa Page Nov.29th 2016


From Farm to Table - And back to the Farm (By Bike)

City Atlas New Haven

Sarah Holder July 30th 2015

House Calls For Food Scraps?

Meet New Haven's Biking Compost Man

Hartford Courant

Brian Dowling Oct 24th 2014


Here Comes The Compost Man

New Haven Independent

Allan Appel April 18th 2014

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